About Envita Medical Centers

Next Generation Personalized Cancer Treatment

Envita Medical Centers, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, provides personalized precision treatments for conditions such as cancer and Lyme disease. With over two decades of clinical experience, the physicians at Envita deliver this innovative treatment approach and are committed to the highest level of compassionate care. Envita’s multifaceted approach integrates leading-edge developments in genetic testing and precision oncology to help patients discover new pathways to care and recovery.

Since the early 2000s, Envita has focused on advancing immunotherapy treatments and other natural and alternative options for treating complex and late-stage cancers. This innovative approach includes targeting resistant and persistent cancers through custom medications and care modalities. Numerous Envita patients have experienced remarkable recoveries, including those that were recommended hospice care by other renowned cancer institutions.

At the foundation of Envita Medical Centers’ personalized medicine approach is compounded drugs. The facility’s custom compounding pharmacy is one of the features that helps Envita go beyond the standard doses and formulations of commercially available drugs. These integrative and adjunctive prescriptions are aimed at precision-targeting each patient’s disease core to provide them an optimal chance of a holistic recovery.